Thursday, 19 April 2012

yolo ;)

basically, before i met Andre and before I had the kids, I'd always aspired to be a 'white gurl rapper' ya know, like Kreayshawn and stuff, I love her vibes, and even though i'm forty i'm thinkin, why not!? why not go for it!! so i planned out my name and my kids are all backing me (well not Sharren and Darren, they're embarrassed, well thats kids!!) and I'm going to try and get recorded! It's super exciting, I genuinely think theres a gap in the market for older white girl rappers.

Introducing Sassy J! That's the name I've chosen for me, pretty much because I'm a sassy lil diva, ngl, and my name is sandy so it fits, and because my surname is Jones, hence Sassy J! I was wondering about keeping the exclaimation mark at the end but I decided against it. I'm gonna give you a lil taste of one of my raps.

Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh. Sassy J hittin at ya
Yo, I've never been able to walk the streets alone 
In the dark and the shadows dunno whats gon happen
I never seen the moon when it's full yo 
I just wanna smoke that dope yo
All them bitches say they jel of Sassy J
All them bitches jel that way
They wanna be me and feel ma vibes
But I say nana not tonight! 
Yo. SJ. 
Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh. 
Yo I've always been able to dance like a demon
Funk, yeah I'm screamin
Vibin to that fiddy cent in my room yo 
Smokin the erb all I wanna do yo
I loved cha ngl, I loved ya but I made ya cry
Mama didn't want to, Andre-dre please
Dr Dre, bring me back to life
Mama didn't want to
Uh yeah uh huh yo
Sassy J 
Sassy J peace out. 

Tell me what you think in comments please!! No haters, I'm just starting, thanks! :)

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