Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Kids

Get to know my beautiful kids who I look after each day. Lets start with the youngest. 

This is little four year old Doris Rebecca. She was born on 10.4.08. Although she was an accident at 36, Doris is the most beautiful, lovely and unique girl ever. She has such a beautiful smile. Just look at that! She loves playing with her dolls, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and playing with the dog Jimmy Niblets! :) 
Now, introducing the cheeky chappy Graham!!! Graham Tony Jones was born on 5.1.05 and is the most funniest and excitable boy I know!! He loves to play soccer in the back yard and jump on the trampoline, roll in the dirt with Jimmy Niblets and just be a rufty tufty tyke!! :)

This lil diva chickie is Kaitlynne Josephina. She can be a lil bit sassy just like me, she takes after her diva mom lol!! She loves to sing and do karaoke and I take her to various beauty pageants so she can learn to be super glamarous just like me! She was born 24.7.03, she is 8! :) 
Here is my babi boy Ian Ted Jones. Poor lil bless is allargic to everything! Nuts, dary, cats!!! He is so lovly and quite and considarite, and he is very good at drawing with crayons. Ian was born 14.9.01. It was a hard labor but Ian was definetly worth it, he is so beautiful and nice. :) 

Here comes trouble! It's my fourteen year old twins, Sharren Tia Maria and Darren Daniel Jack. They defenitly take after their father in the looks depo, with that lovly caramel skin and deep brown eyes! 

Sharren is such a poser!! She loves to take pics of herself, but why not!? She has a beautiful smile, and if you got it flaunt it!! She loves nothing more than to hang with her friends at the mall or hit the movies. She has a boyfriend called Sebastian and he is very nice too. She was born 12.1.98, as was her twin Darren!

Here's Darren! This is his school photo, bless his lil heart. He is a teen so not as social as my other kids but as intellegent and as funny and beautiufl and the rest! I love Darren to pieces. Him and Sharren aren't identical but they're personalities are much the same and are on te same wavelenght if you understand ;) 
So thats my kids! :) 

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