Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The First Story

Here it goes. 
My name was Sandalune Rose Amos McWeller. I came from Nashville, a beautiful, culture-rich city, bursting with life and excitement. Anything could happen to a 18 year old girl like me in that place. I would hang out with my buddies, smoking that sweet sweet ganj in our hangouts, and we'd have such fun. It was a lazy, peaceful existence and I had fun. 

Especially, with Andre Jones. He was a beautiful Mexicano type man, with a caramel complexion and big eyes. He had a little bit of weight on him, but there was a more of a man to love like that!! And when it came to the bedroom, well!! I don't wanna go into details but my God it was brilliant. The scent of ganj, his docile body parts... ;) 

But anyway, so now we'd been dating for 3 years, hanging in the same spots and now I am 21. Me and Andre love each other so, and here's the beautiful part. HE PROPOSED! I was waiting for it, I was so excited to get a ring on my finger. I said yes immediately, but I mostly just fell into his arms! I passionately grabbed him... Details ;) ...

Just one year later, I fell pregnant. Andre was scared, I was scared, but in the hospital I gave birth to the most beautiful healthy baby ever called Marcas Jose Jones. Sadly, when we registered his name, we only then realised we spelt Marcus wrong so that's his name forever lol! 

But then... the fatal happened. It makes me well up with tears just writing it down but, things started to go wrong. Marcas became ill. He had menegitis. We spotted it too late, and he passed away. Andre and I were torn up, our relationship was at a stutter... but there's always light at the end of the tunnel. I was pregnant once more at the age of 26. 

9 months later, I gave birth to twins. Sharren Tia Maria Jones and Darren Daniel Jack Jones. They were gorgeous, stunning, and the deepest blue eyes shone out at me as I clutched them close. Me and Andre were glued together by Sharren and Darren. 

14 years later, I'm now 40. Sharren and Darren are both 14, and I have four other children by my beautiful husband, Andre. Ten year old Ian Ted Jones, 8 year old Kaitlynne Josephina Jones, 7 year old Graham Tony Jones, and finally, the littlest 4 year old Doris Rebecca Jones. 

Our family is so happy, from that tragedy. This is a mother's adventures. 

Love, Sandy Rose Amos (McWeller) Jones <3 ;) x

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