Thursday, 19 April 2012

yolo ;)

basically, before i met Andre and before I had the kids, I'd always aspired to be a 'white gurl rapper' ya know, like Kreayshawn and stuff, I love her vibes, and even though i'm forty i'm thinkin, why not!? why not go for it!! so i planned out my name and my kids are all backing me (well not Sharren and Darren, they're embarrassed, well thats kids!!) and I'm going to try and get recorded! It's super exciting, I genuinely think theres a gap in the market for older white girl rappers.

Introducing Sassy J! That's the name I've chosen for me, pretty much because I'm a sassy lil diva, ngl, and my name is sandy so it fits, and because my surname is Jones, hence Sassy J! I was wondering about keeping the exclaimation mark at the end but I decided against it. I'm gonna give you a lil taste of one of my raps.

Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh. Sassy J hittin at ya
Yo, I've never been able to walk the streets alone 
In the dark and the shadows dunno whats gon happen
I never seen the moon when it's full yo 
I just wanna smoke that dope yo
All them bitches say they jel of Sassy J
All them bitches jel that way
They wanna be me and feel ma vibes
But I say nana not tonight! 
Yo. SJ. 
Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh. 
Yo I've always been able to dance like a demon
Funk, yeah I'm screamin
Vibin to that fiddy cent in my room yo 
Smokin the erb all I wanna do yo
I loved cha ngl, I loved ya but I made ya cry
Mama didn't want to, Andre-dre please
Dr Dre, bring me back to life
Mama didn't want to
Uh yeah uh huh yo
Sassy J 
Sassy J peace out. 

Tell me what you think in comments please!! No haters, I'm just starting, thanks! :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Truth

Here's me, on a hike trying to lose the weight. Doris was with Andre as was Kaitlynne, Graham and Ian. Sharren and Darren were out with their buddies. I seem happy in this photo, but I was wracked with guilt. 

I never knew how to say it to Andre. I love him so much, I didn't ever mean to hurt him and he has done so much... but I couldn't live a lie. I had been having an affair with an English man called Shane Robyn and   he is the real father to my four beautiful children, Ian, Kaitlynne, Graham and Doris. In my last post you will notice the stark diffarence between Sharren and Darren's looks compared to Ian, Kaitlynne, Graham and Doris'. 

Andre is mexican-american. That shows in the twins. But Ian, Kaitlynne, Graham and Doris are all blonde. I knew when I spoke to Shane when I was pregnant with Ian and he said it was his. I disagreed, but he was right. Why I kept on going with him I don't know. Andre thinks thought they were all his. But they were Shane's. 

Shane doesn't see Ian, Kate, Gram and Dor. He doesn't want to. After 11 years, I finalyl reliased he was just wid me for the sex. But Andre was with me longterm, I couldnt believe how stupid i had been. When I told Andre he flipped out. He said, "You bitch. I never knew that that was true. You've lied." 

And I had. 

I hated myself for so many years, but time grows on. People grown on. And although I will never forgive myself, I have met a wonderful man via called Gregory and we are enjoying eachothers company and other cheeky things ;) 

Sorry Andre. If you are reading this. 

Sorry kids. 

My Kids

Get to know my beautiful kids who I look after each day. Lets start with the youngest. 

This is little four year old Doris Rebecca. She was born on 10.4.08. Although she was an accident at 36, Doris is the most beautiful, lovely and unique girl ever. She has such a beautiful smile. Just look at that! She loves playing with her dolls, cooking up a storm in the kitchen and playing with the dog Jimmy Niblets! :) 
Now, introducing the cheeky chappy Graham!!! Graham Tony Jones was born on 5.1.05 and is the most funniest and excitable boy I know!! He loves to play soccer in the back yard and jump on the trampoline, roll in the dirt with Jimmy Niblets and just be a rufty tufty tyke!! :)

This lil diva chickie is Kaitlynne Josephina. She can be a lil bit sassy just like me, she takes after her diva mom lol!! She loves to sing and do karaoke and I take her to various beauty pageants so she can learn to be super glamarous just like me! She was born 24.7.03, she is 8! :) 
Here is my babi boy Ian Ted Jones. Poor lil bless is allargic to everything! Nuts, dary, cats!!! He is so lovly and quite and considarite, and he is very good at drawing with crayons. Ian was born 14.9.01. It was a hard labor but Ian was definetly worth it, he is so beautiful and nice. :) 

Here comes trouble! It's my fourteen year old twins, Sharren Tia Maria and Darren Daniel Jack. They defenitly take after their father in the looks depo, with that lovly caramel skin and deep brown eyes! 

Sharren is such a poser!! She loves to take pics of herself, but why not!? She has a beautiful smile, and if you got it flaunt it!! She loves nothing more than to hang with her friends at the mall or hit the movies. She has a boyfriend called Sebastian and he is very nice too. She was born 12.1.98, as was her twin Darren!

Here's Darren! This is his school photo, bless his lil heart. He is a teen so not as social as my other kids but as intellegent and as funny and beautiufl and the rest! I love Darren to pieces. Him and Sharren aren't identical but they're personalities are much the same and are on te same wavelenght if you understand ;) 
So thats my kids! :) 

The First Story

Here it goes. 
My name was Sandalune Rose Amos McWeller. I came from Nashville, a beautiful, culture-rich city, bursting with life and excitement. Anything could happen to a 18 year old girl like me in that place. I would hang out with my buddies, smoking that sweet sweet ganj in our hangouts, and we'd have such fun. It was a lazy, peaceful existence and I had fun. 

Especially, with Andre Jones. He was a beautiful Mexicano type man, with a caramel complexion and big eyes. He had a little bit of weight on him, but there was a more of a man to love like that!! And when it came to the bedroom, well!! I don't wanna go into details but my God it was brilliant. The scent of ganj, his docile body parts... ;) 

But anyway, so now we'd been dating for 3 years, hanging in the same spots and now I am 21. Me and Andre love each other so, and here's the beautiful part. HE PROPOSED! I was waiting for it, I was so excited to get a ring on my finger. I said yes immediately, but I mostly just fell into his arms! I passionately grabbed him... Details ;) ...

Just one year later, I fell pregnant. Andre was scared, I was scared, but in the hospital I gave birth to the most beautiful healthy baby ever called Marcas Jose Jones. Sadly, when we registered his name, we only then realised we spelt Marcus wrong so that's his name forever lol! 

But then... the fatal happened. It makes me well up with tears just writing it down but, things started to go wrong. Marcas became ill. He had menegitis. We spotted it too late, and he passed away. Andre and I were torn up, our relationship was at a stutter... but there's always light at the end of the tunnel. I was pregnant once more at the age of 26. 

9 months later, I gave birth to twins. Sharren Tia Maria Jones and Darren Daniel Jack Jones. They were gorgeous, stunning, and the deepest blue eyes shone out at me as I clutched them close. Me and Andre were glued together by Sharren and Darren. 

14 years later, I'm now 40. Sharren and Darren are both 14, and I have four other children by my beautiful husband, Andre. Ten year old Ian Ted Jones, 8 year old Kaitlynne Josephina Jones, 7 year old Graham Tony Jones, and finally, the littlest 4 year old Doris Rebecca Jones. 

Our family is so happy, from that tragedy. This is a mother's adventures. 

Love, Sandy Rose Amos (McWeller) Jones <3 ;) x